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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I'm still here......

Yes, I am still knitting away on the ol' pinwheel. I was set back a bit by my "try on" several posts back. I ripped back and I now have a little less love for the sweater... No, I guess I do still love her, maybe we're having a spat.....I'm sure that I will shake it off and start knitting her again as soon as the weather gets a little cooler. I will post a new picture as soon as I convince my husband to help me out! I'm loving seeing everyone's progress and color choices. Spin, pinwheel, spin! I'm 29 today! WHOOOOOO!


Blogger CozyStitches said...

I totally understand you and your Pinwheel having a spat. I'm in the same position w/mine. :D

12:13 a.m.  
Blogger Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday to youuuuu! Cool weather will be here before you know it. Don't stay mad at the pinwheel, she'll learn to behave.

9:13 a.m.  

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