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Sunday, July 09, 2006


I've been plugging along, had the armholes set up and continued to the garter stitch edge. I opted to repeat the garter stitch 4 times instead of 3 because I want to be able to pin it shut with a shawl pin of some kind. I guess that I kind of envisioned it as a jacket instead of a sweater..... Then I began to bind off the edge with a picot edging instead of the loopy edge. When I was about 1/2 way done with the picot bind off, I was able to try it on because the edge was no longer curled over the circular needle AND, it isn't big enough. I guess that it "fits" okay, but I don't love it and I really want to. It kind of hangs open in an odd way, and doesn't sit well on my chest. I am still breast feeding so the "girls" are a bit larger than usual, I just don't know!
SO. I am going to pull out the picot bind off. I can't, however, decide if I should pull out all of the garter stitch edging and continue to increase more stitches in between the yarn overs or if I should just pull back to the garter stitch and lengthen the garter stich edge. I'm afraid that if I lengthen the yarn over area that that part will ride up the neck too far and the garter stitch edged collar won't lay correctly. Anybody have any suggestions? I need to put it aside for a while or else I may lose it....
A cold beer sounds like it may be in order.


Blogger Anny said...

Oh, no! I have no idea how to rectify...but I would probably do more increases. I find with that much ripping, you just have to rip it all and get it back on the needles, then put it down, get a beer or chocolate or chips or whatever does it for you and then pick it up again the next day. Otherwise, I find it too disheartening.

Good luck and remember, we're with you ;0)

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