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Monday, July 24, 2006

Poor Pinwheel'er

Well, I figured I'd post. Seeing everyone's lovely Pinwheels, I love the updates! I did knit on mine some this weekend. It's still a good traveling project as I haven't started the sleeves and am still going around and around and around...however...

I want a tank, so I took the needles that I was using for the Pinwheel and am doing the tank right now. I know bad girl, but...

I still plan on going back to the Pinwheel, especially now that I've seen Collette's (and I checked out your blog, thank you for all the pictures!!!) it looks good on someone who's not a toothpick! I'm so not a toothpick and was worried at how it would look. It looks wonderful on you Collette!!! I'm kind of bummed that mine is a variegated as I love the 2 color loops! :D

So, my pinwheel is on hold at 41sts in each round. But only until my needles get here, which I'm hoping will be later this week.


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