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Sunday, June 18, 2006

I am at the "30 stitches between increases" part

So far, so good. The piece measures just a bit under the 23 inch mark (the sample sweater is 22 1/2 inches at this point). So, obviously, Filatura di Crosa 127 Print is a good substitute. I will post pictures when I get to my armhole part (I am making mine bigger)-stay tuned.

Later edit- I got an email from Shelley, the designer. This is what she said about the measurements of the sample sweater-
"The measure of the entire sweater across the center is 43" with the edge. 41 1/2 to the edge( the front from the sleeve join is 11" with the edge.). I would think however many rows you add to get your width across the back you should add that many more rows to the sweater after the sleeves. The only problem is for every row you add you are also going to add to the length as being round when you add anywhere you add everywhere." I currently have knit to 24 inches across. I think I will go to 25 inches across (my armpit to armpit measurement across the back is 21 inches, so adding 4 is a complete guess as to what I might want for ease. I don't want this sweater to get too long, so....more later as I know more.


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