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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hello again! The armholes are now established. Since I am larger (fluffier?) I set up the armhole after I had 35 stitches between increases. I used the provisional cast on from the pattern. It was easy to do. To review-once I got to the place where I wanted the armhole, I put the stitches from the next "section" (slice of pi, so to speak) on a stitch holder. Using a smooth cotton yarn and a straight needle (same size as the circular), I cast on extra stitches (same number as on the holder). Using the working yarn, I knit across these provisional stitches. Went as far as the other armhole, repeated the same thing. Then worked merrily round and round. Since I started the armholes later in the knitting, I will also have larger sleeves (10 stitches larger-I waited until I had 35 stitches between increases, so that means my sleeves will have an extra 5 stitches on the front, and an extra 5 on the back)
Something to take into consideration if you are upsizing. As well, however many extra rows I put on the back, I need to also put on the fronts. That means I will also be looking at a longer sweater (since it is a circle, after all). Not a problem for me-since I am tall, but certainly one if you are shorter. Hey Rhonda- does this help???


Blogger Rhonda said...

Yup it does! Acually your description thru email yesterday helped a lot. I went back home ... tinked out the few rows beyond the sleeve holes that I had gone & did it over. Looks just like what you show us here. I'll take a picture tonight & post tomorrow. Thanks again.

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