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Monday, June 26, 2006

Jumping into the pond...

The frog pond that is...sigh...Well, I was on round 49 of the sleeves, had 52sts in each section. I slipped it all onto waste yarn and tried her on. Well, my arms are too large for this. It fits barely, I want a semi fitted sleeve, not peeling off skin fit. Sigh. Lostpurl has some great advice on her blog about doing the sleeves as "afterthough sleeves" as in you knit your sleeve sts onto waste yarn then pick them up later, rather than having the big holes.

I'm still not sure about the increasing rounds. Lost purl mentioned about the increasing only every 6th round, but since I'm changing the stitch (doing Spot/Dot stitch rather than Garter) I think I'll need to keep the frequency of increases.

Sigh. So, I'll be frogging back to where the sleeves were put in, then knit until I have 35sts in each section, then do the afterthought sleeves, then continue around until I run out of yarn, then do those pesky sleeves. Sigh.

I have pics posted on my "real" blog...


Blogger Rhonda said...

I tried to post on your blog, Tammy but it wouldn't let me unless I joined... I guess. So here's what I wanted to say: What an adorable family!! It's a good thing the sweater is all one color, right? I'm up to the arms in my baby sweater now but I'm still unsure if I'm doing it right. You're problem might keep me from making one for myself, but if the baby sweater turns out well, I might make one for each of the granddaughters [I have 8] [I can buy trucks for the boys!]

3:16 p.m.  
Blogger CozyStitches said...

Hey Rhonda,

Sorry you can't post.. :( Thank you for your compliment...I wanted to see that I looked ok, it's just blazingly hot today (I don't do well in the heat)...
As for the sweater, well, I'll be knitting again...sigh...I like the design, however the pattern itself needs some tweaking.

3:58 p.m.  

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